TREEKID is always researching better and more sustainable practices in the selection of fabrics, manufacturing processes and distribution.
The design of our garments is based in three important statements: 
We use recycled denim in most of our products, only GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton in our tees and threads, and waxed cotton prints directly imported from local markets in West Africa to add fun and bright colours to our collection. Also, we only use natural dyes and water-based organic-certified inks.
We aim to avoid the use of plastic in the garments by only utilising eco-friendly fashion hardware like hemp braid cords and wooden buttons. 
In the future, we are looking to set up a printing studio where we totally create every fabric for use in our garments.
Our visionary goal that we always strive to achieve is to not waste any material throughout our production. This philosophy requires extra time which we don't reflect in our costs - but we absolutely see the benefit when we figure out how much fabric was recycled.
After searching how to achieve this important goal, we decided to find a way to RE-USE and RE-PURPOSE preloved jeans because of their hard-wearing nature, maximising as much as possible of the amount obtained, giving an authenticity to each garment. 
We also like to encourage our customers to reduce their environment impact by composting our shipping mailers at home once all the labels and stickers have been removed, breaking down in 180 days in the home compost.
Each garment is designed and manufactured by Carla with the exception of our adjustable overalls that are manufactured by The Social Studio in Collingwood, which is accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia. 
The Social Studio provides social support and formal training in clothing production, retail and fashion to asylum seekers and immigrants. They champion diversity, community, education, sustainability, design and ethical business practices.