People are increasingly looking for more sustainably sourced fashion but buying ethical children’s clothing can be quite difficult because they grow so fast. Understandably, fast fashion is popular with parents due to practicality but it’s time to realise the environmental impact of the fashion industry and the poor labour conditions implicated. 
TREEKID was created firstly, to reduce the fashion footprint, working essentially with materials and manufacturing processes that will improve sustainability in the clothing supply chain. Secondly, to raise awareness of the environmental cost of throwaway textile culture, equipping your kid’s wardrobe with true quality and hard wearing garments that will last and pass along to future generations. And finally, inspire and promote the
It’s vital to reduce the fashion footprint due to tons of thousands of clothing thrown to landfill everyday. One of our manufacturing processes is UPCYCLING, giving a new and different life cycle to your preloved garments. By donating your old adult jeans (fabric in good condition) and colourful fabric off cuts, you will contribute to cut down greenhouse gas emissions.
The textile industry is one of the most polluting and highly responsible for global warming. Considering the high environmental impact of this industry on earth, reusing has become essential to minimise the damage. Once we have your preloved garments we cut them maximising as much of the fabric as possible, in keeping with our zero-waste philosophy. The off cuts are repurposed to make our beautiful and decorative pockets and any fabric leftover will be used in making lanyards and the rest for stuffing cushions
*All the proceeds collected by selling lanyards and cushions, after covering the whole cost, will be fully donated.*
In Australia, around 6000kg of clothing is thrown every 10 minutes and 85% of new clothing purchased end up in landfills due to fast fashion. The case of children’s clothing is even worse, due to their upgrowth, having the need to purchase, in some cases, every three months the next size. 
TREEDKID works in making every garment adjustable, adding this extra feature to grow with your little ones with the intention to reduce the excess of purchasing. Each garment is designed to be worn 3X longer which means you get 3 sizes in 1, avoiding the need to upgrade your children’s wardrobe every 6 months. In addition, we use high quality fabrics to prolong the clothes life. 
I always remember the long hours my mom spent with her sewing machine repairing the family clothing to prolong its life but now we live in the disposable age, where everything is thrown away and quickly replaced for what trends. We encourage you to return your preloved TREEKID garments back to our workshop to fix them if needed adding extra love and then: 
We will stock them back into our online store as a second life products, reducing the price for customers and reward you with a great discount on your next purchase.
A life cycle that never ends…