The creator, Chilean-born Carla Risco Rodriguez, after giving up her career in engineering set off with a no return ticket around Latin America, Asia and Australia. Through her travels she discovered the horrifying damage our actions are doing to the planet, and so global warming quickly became a real concern and a top priority in her life. The current lifestyle of the majority of the world’s population is very much driven by consumption. This gave Carla the ambition to look for and create mindful and eco-friendly consumerist products, leading her journey into an ethical business. 

When Carla first arrived in Australia her principal goal was to learn about eco-friendly practices. She was planning to stay for only twelve months, but fate intervened; she met her partner and just before her departure, they realised a bun was in the oven. With the arrival of her son Leon, the inspiration behind TreeKid, her passionate maker spirit got her thinking about how she could use all this creativity and mix it with one of her passions; textiles. When she joined Global Sister School her ideas started to take shape and began to develop the business model. 

TreeKid offers colourful hard-wearing garments for children by using recycled fabrics, multi-coloured waxed cotton prints from West Africa and environmentally friendly dyes and inks. Learning about the enormous variety of sewing techniques out there has made Carla want to funnel her new-found knowledge into one brand.