Our visionary goal that we always strive to achieve is to not waste any material throughout our production. This philosophy requires extra time which we don’t reflect in our costs - but we absolutely see the benefit when we figure out how much fabric was recycled.

After searching how to achieve this important goal, we decided to find a way to RE-USE and RE-PURPOSE preloved jeans, donated by our closest community, because of their hard-wearing nature, maximising as much as possible of the amount obtained, giving authenticity to each garment. In addition, we use all our fabric off cuts to build our unique patchwork fabrics and pockets that give the label an especial touch. 

With the leftovers, we make upcycled lanyards, the rest is collected by us and then taken to UPPAREL, who is working altogether with the community and partners like us. They have already diverted over 716 tonnes of clothing from landfill. For every single kilogram sent to them, we will prevent 3 to 4 kg of greenhouse gases polluting the air we breathe. They work with a 3 part ethos, this being Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle; the idea here is that anything that is reusable in its current form is ideal, with it going to charities and homeless communities around Australia. The second part is repurpose, so that being utilising the product with minimal need to breakdown any elements, i.e. tote bags out of t-shirts. The last piece of the puzzle is Recycle, with that being shredding, acid washing & reyarning unsuitable products to be repurposed or reused. This product is then made back into the socks that will sell.

Therefore nothing goes to the landfill!

Got worn-out clothes with no place to go? 

Thanks to this partnership with Upparel, we now can help you organising your clothes to be collected for only $25, and score it back into store credit which is fully redeemable at TreeKid*.


Other processes within our supply chain that have taken all our attention is the packaging and shipping and luckily we crashed with THE BETTER PACKAGING CO., a carbon neutral company on a mission to design out waste. Currently we package all our garments using ComPOLY, a certified home compostage bag made from corn starch, to prevent them from being damaged, avoiding the greater environmental cost of a damaged item that becomes unsellable. Our shipping bags and labels are also home compostable made by the same company. Therefore, we encourage you, our customers, to reduce the environmental impact by reusing and then composting our packaging and shipping mailers at home with all the labels attached, breaking down in 180 days in the home compost.

We’re so proud to say that Treekid is totally PLASTIC FREE!